What we do:


Managed IT Services

Providing 24/7 support that monitors your equipment and ensures your systems are available when you are ready to use them. Monthly service fees tailored to your environment.

Computer Security

The hottest word in technology today. A proven protection plan that will keep you protected and educated. Installing tools and security measures to help on the front lines of your office, and helping educate employees who are the most powerful tool in this fight!

-Data Breaches - Ransomware -Phishing attacks -Disgruntled Employee sabotage -Viruses/Malware

Software Development/Support.

Customized applications and support services tailored to your needs

Cost Reduction Delivery

Our team is focused on helping you save money and develop a plan to keep costs down. We are a complete IT department as we work with any and all vendors to be the buffer between your office and their wallets.

Office 365/Sharepoint/Email

Any and all Microsoft Applications we can help with. Email migrations/office 365 solutions and even custom applications developed in SharePoint.

The best services and quality in the Industry!

Industry Partnerships:

TriMed Billing Services : We’re here to help you grow! The Midwest’s #1 billing service